Tooth Extractions

When a tooth is severely damaged or decayed with no possibility of repair, the tooth has to be uprooted or pulled out. This process of removing a tooth is known as tooth extraction. At Concord Dental, we only extract teeth as a last option! Our dentists make sure every other option has been exhausted before we recommend this procedure. We ensure that our surgical tooth extractions are as painless as possible.

Reasons why a tooth may have to be extracted

A few reasons why your teeth may have to be extracted could be:

  • Teeth which are cracked, infected or decayed and which cannot be repaired
  • Severe gum disease which may have affected the teeth
  • Wisdom teeth sometimes need to be extracted if they are likely to be impacted
  • People on cancer medication might develop a tooth infection
  • Teeth which are awkwardly positioned or are not functional
  • In preparation for dental procedures such as braces and dentures
Tooth extraction procedure

Our dental works hard to give you the best dental care possible. When we meet you for an appointment, we study your dental situation and meticulously plan the best way to extract your tooth and help you decide between various cosmetic options to replace the tooth once it has been extracted.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your tooth extractions or emergency tooth extractions today.