Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening includes a careful examination of the entire oral cavity for any kind of abnormal cell growth. This is done by a professional dentist who will check the lips, gum tissue, inside lining of the check, tongue, the palate, throat and the tonsils for any abnormality. Sometimes, a visual examination alone is not enough to identify the symptoms of oral cancer. Therefore, we may suggest a few tests to be sure that there is no danger of oral cancer. The common tests for oral cancer screening are blue dye test and dental examination with special light.

Oral screening process: why it is prescribed

Cancer of the mouth is a disease that can be treated successfully if detected early. Regular dental checkups are therefore very essential. Oral screening for cancer is reasonably priced and is a painless and simple examination.

In case of a wound or a cyst of any kind in the mouth, a simple biopsy can detect the presence of abnormal cells in the wound. In 90% of cases, if followed by proper treatment, oral cancer is 100% curable.

Oral cancer screening for high-risk people

People with excessive tobacco and alcohol use, drug addicts and patients with pre-treated oral cancer history are naturally more at risk to develop oral cancer. More frequent oral cancer screening is recommended especially for these people, usually at intervals of six months, regardless of whether signs of mouth cancer are visible or not.

If you think you are at risk for oral cancer, or have any questions about oral cancer screening, contact us today to schedule an appointment.