Exams & X-rays

Routine dental exams are very necessary in order to maintain your teeth and gums and keep them healthy. Dental exams help you catch infections or other dental problems in the early stages in order to avoid expensive treatment plans. It is recommended that people of all ages get dental exams at least twice a year.

Concord Dental offers dental exams and x-rays at affordable rates.  Conveniently located in Hampton, GA we serve families from many locations such as Lovejoy, Jonesboro, Stockbridge and Fayetteville, and are located on Tara Boulevard right by the Walmart Supercenter. We ensure you receive the best dental care in order to maintain your teeth.

During a dental exam, we carefully examine your teeth and look for any signs of-

  • Tooth decay: we will check for cracked or decayed teeth
  • Gum disease: the gum and bones are checked for any signs of periodontal disease
  • Oral cancer: Early detection of any cancer is vital. Your lips, gums, mouth tissues, tongue, throat, face and neck will be checked for evidence of oral cancer.
  • Cracking or deterioration of existing restorations: fillings, crowns and other restorations are checked to ensure they do not need any maintenance and are fulfilling their intended purpose.
Digital X-rays

At Concord Dental, we use Digital X-Rays, where a small sensor is connected directly to a computer instead of a film packet. This is faster and a more reliable method of taking x-rays since the sensor is moved from tooth to tooth. It eliminates the process of reloading the film for each image and reduces your exposure to x-ray radiation by up to 90%. The digital images are transferred immediately to a computer where they can be enhanced digitally for better viewing and stored for your future appointments.

To schedule your dental exams and X-rays, call us today.