Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used to treat teeth that are damaged due to tooth decay. You could have tooth decay if you are experiencing symptoms such as extreme sensitivity to cold and hot food and drinks, constant toothache, jaw pain and/or bad breath. Dental fillings help eliminate sensitivity and pain in the tooth and prevent any further damage from taking place.

Concord Dental offers various dental filling procedures. Conveniently located in Hampton, GA we serve families from many locations such as Lovejoy, Jonesboro, Stockbridge and Fayetteville, and are located on Tara Boulevard right by the Walmart Supercenter. Regular dental check-ups are vital to maintain healthy teeth and can help avoid plaque buildup and tooth infections. We can help you preserve your teeth and keep you smiling wide. Our dental filling procedures are affordable so you do not have to worry about big dental bills.

Dental Filling Treatment

A simple check-up can determine whether your teeth needs repair and if you need dental fillings. If necessary, an x-ray is taken to find out the extent of the damage.

At Concord Dental, we offer dental fillings made of composite, porcelain, gold and silver amalgam. If you require dental fillings, we’ll recommend the one that’s most suitable for you. Once the cavity has been treated, we’ll give you tips on how to maintain your teeth.

For more information regarding dental fillings or to schedule an appointment please contact us today.